Sunday, August 24, 2014

SAP SCM Online Course

SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) online Course

SAP SCM course is designed specifically for project team members/ anyone that is interested in obtaining an overview of the main procedures included in SAP's Supply Chain Management including Procurement, Sales, Warehouse Management, and Manufacturing. The aim of this course is to offer applicants with a solid understanding of Supply Chain Management in SAP including terminology, functionality, processes, and integration. The intent is to prepare the candidates for extra levels of training. Participants should go away from this class with an understanding of the MM, SD, and PP modules. It enhances your planning oriented business processes. It streamlining their execution and coordination.SAP SCM opens the possibilities for cross company collaboration. It makes it possible to be more proactive and it assists you respond to changing business scenarios rapidly.

SAP SCM (Supply Chain Management) online Course Content

Concept and Objectives
Ø  What do we mean by Supply Chain Management?
Ø  Logistics through the ages.
Ø  Different views on the supply chain.
Ø  What is new within about Supply Chain.
Ø  Defining the position of Supply Chain Management.
Ø  Supply Chain Management: A vision.
Ø  Elements of Supply Chain Management.
Ø  Objectives and Opportunities.
Ø  Objectives
Ø  Opportunities
Systems and Architectures
Ø  IT-Based Approaches.
Ø  Principles of ERP.
Ø  Supply Chain Planning Tools.
Ø  Customer Relationship Management.
Ø  System architectures.
Ø  Internet Basics.
Ø  Applications
Ø  SCM Tools offered by SAP.
Ø  Sales Force Automation (SFA).
Ø  Business Information Warehouse (BW).
Ø  Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO).
Ø  APO in Business Processes.
Ø  Demand planning.
Ø  Supply Network Planning and PP-DS.
Ø  Supply Chain Cockpit.
Supply Chain Projects
Ø  Industries and Supply Chain Management.
Ø  Perspectives
Ø  Methodical Approaches.
Ø  Procedures
Ø  Performance Measurement.
Ø  Benchmarking
Ø  Specific Industries.
Ø  Hi-Tech and Electronics.
Ø  Automotive Industry.
Ø  Consumer Goods and Commerce.
Ø  Logistics Services.

Ø  SCM - a Case History of Success.

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